Australasian Christian Legal Convention 2016 (ACLC)

CLEAR is pleased to announce that the 3rd Australasian Christian Legal Convention will be held on 29 September to 1 October 2016 in Brisbane (at the Mercure Hotel on North Quay, Brisbane CBD). The theme of the Convention will be “Redeeming the law for the kingdom of God in Australia.“ The conference is open to lawyers, law students, persons involved in the administration of justice and those with a concern for justice in our community.

The international key note speaker for the Convention is Mike Schutt from the USA, the director of the Christian Legal Society (CLS) Law School Ministries and of the Institute for Christian Legal Studies, a cooperative ministry of the CLS and Regent University School of Law, where he is an Associate Professor. He previously practiced law with US firm Thompson & Knight.

Mr Schutt currently writes, speaks, and teaches on the relationship of lawyers, faith, and culture. He is the author of Redeeming Law: Christian Calling and the Legal Profession (InterVarsity Press 2007), a vocational exhortation for law students and lawyers.


The conference will provide participants the opportunity to explore different topics such as, Freedom of Religion, the Sanctity of Life, Human Trafficking, Refugee advocacy, Being a Christian Lawyer, Not for Profit practice, Missions, Peacemaking, Reconciliation and Restorative Justice.  In particular, the following streams will be offered (these streams are flexible and participants can move between sessions):

  • Being a Christian Lawyer;
  • Religious Freedom;
  • Peace Making;
  • Slavery/Trafficking/Refugees; and
  • Not-for-Profit Law.

Lawyers should consider whether attendance may contribute towards satisfaction of their CPD requirements in their local jurisdictions.

The program for the conference can be found here. Please note the program is subject to change.

Speakers and Patrons

In addition to Mr Schutt as the Convention’s international key note speaker, we are privileged to have Queensland Supreme Court Justice Debra Mullins, South Australian Supreme Court Justice David Bleby and Federal Court Judge John Gilmour as the Convention’s Patrons alongside a number of prestigious speakers.

  • Queensland Shadow Attorney General, Ian Walker on ‘The Christian Parliamentary Representative – how much “Christian” and how much “Representative”?’
  • Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Assistant Commissioner & General Counsel, Murray Baird on ‘Separation of church and state – are Christian charities any business of government?’
  • Commonwealth Shadow Minister for Immigration, Shayne Neumann on ‘Politics and faith: reconciliation, refugees and racial discrimination’
  • Garth Blake SC, Fr Brian Lucas and Anne Robinson on the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse
  • Queensland Supreme Court Justice Debra Mullins, Professor Nicholas Aroney, Professor Rex Ahdar, Professor Augusto Zimmermann, Simon Greening and Associate Professor Neil Foster on Religious Freedoms
  • Mike Schutt Director of the United States Christian Legal Society (CLS) Law School Ministries and of the Institute for Christian Legal Studies
  • Misha Coleman of the Australian Churches Refugee task Force on ‘the Church as a sanctuary for asylum seekers – political stunt or practical solution?’
  • Crown Counsel (Advisings) to the Victorian Attorney-General, Mark Sneddon on ‘Balancing conflicting human rights and interests’
  • Justice Richard Chesterman on being a Christian in the law
  • CLEAR International Australia Chairperson Mark Fowler on Christianity v Human Rights: Freedom through contest or capitulation?
  • Jude Simeon of Barnabas Fund and Rev Dr Cannon David Claydon on ‘Bureaucratic and Religious hurdles in helping the persecuted in ISIS countries’
  • Gavin Shume of Open Doors on a ‘A Radical Response to Fear’
  • Former Queensland Parliamentary Speaker, Fiona Simpson MP and Anne Walker
  • Peter Abetz Member of Western Australian Legislative Assembly, Wendy Francis of the Australian Christian Lobby and Amber Hawkes of International Justice Mission on human trafficking and prostitution
  • Bruce Burgess, Steve Frost and Matt Hunt from Peacewise on Christian conflict resolution
  • Dr Matthew Turnour and Elizabeth Shalders on not for profit and charity law
  • The Honourable Justice and Director of Public Prosecutions of Uganda, Mike Chibita, Ruth Ross, Latcho Popov, Gregory Vijayendran, Brent McBurney, Teresa Conradie, Joanna Pidgeon, Dr Peter Gegenwart, Min Choon Lee and Leigh Warnick, Judge Ken Starr, Patrick Talbot Dickson Ogwang, Rikki Lambert and Mark Mudri on Being a Christian Lawyer
  • Martin Howard of Prison Fellowship
  • Carolyn de Vries on The Emergence of the Non Profit Law Firm Model as a Ministry Platform for Christian Lawyers

With more speakers to be confirmed!

To find out more about these speakers (and read their biographies) please click here.


In hosting the Australasian Christian Legal Convention 2016, CLEAR is excited to be partnering with a number of organisations – please click here to find out more about these partners.

If you have questions please email or contact CLEAR.

The Australasian Christian Legal Convention is a major event that will bring together Christian legal practitioners and justice advocates from all over Asia, Australia and New Zealand. We hope to see you there.