Founding Patron (June 2012 – July 2014)

His Excellency The Hon Paul de Jersey AC, Former Chief Justice of Queensland, retired as Patron of CLEAR upon assuming office as the Governor of Queensland

“Lawyers have a predominant commitment to the delivery of justice according to law. They proclaim the rule of law. They are indeed among its custodians.

While all lawyers should regard these stipulations most seriously, a Christian commitment will often broaden that commitment, so that a Christian lawyer fortunate enough to live and practise in our civilized developed country will look beyond our shores to places where corruption, poverty and injustice are rife.

Within certain polities concepts such as the rule of law and a respect for basic human rights are the privilege of the wealthy. Often the oppressed and indigent citizens of these State have little concept of what a truly just society can offer.

I applaud the endeavours of CLEAR International in seeking to address these problems in a practical way: any progress is worthwhile and life-changing.

I feel privileged to have been asked to assume the role of Patron of the organization, and I look forward to providing practical support and encouragement.”

Patron May 2016 – Present

Queensland Supreme Court Justice Debra Mullins

Justice Debra Mullins studied at the University of Queensland, completing first a bachelor of commerce in 1977, and then a Bachelor of Laws with honours in 1980, and later on in her career returning to do a Masters and Advanced Masters of Law in 1987 and 1999 respectively.

Justice Mullins began her legal career at Kinsey Bennet and Gill while still studying, and was admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court in 1980, the same year she finished her law degree. In 1984 she became a barrister, and in 1988, after 14 years at the bar, she took on silk. In March 2000 she was appointed a judge of the Supreme Court.

Justice Mullins is well known for her successes in the legal system as a female lawyer. In December 2009 Justice Mullins received the Agnes McWhinney Award, named after the first female solicitor in Queensland, in recognition of her exceptional contributions to the legal profession. Justice Mullins also featured in the Supreme Court Library publication on the last centuries 50 most remarkable female lawyers in 2005.

Alongside professional and charitable organizations, Justice Mullins has served as a member of the chapter of St John’s Cathedral for 14 years. From 2004 to 2013 Justice Mullins served as the Deputy Chancellor of the Anglican Diocese in Brisbane, and since 2014 has served as the Chancellor.

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